Principal's Message

Principal's Message
Posted on 09/16/2020
Principal's Message

Standley Lake High School

9300 W 104th Ave Phone: 303-982-3311


September 16, 2020

Hello Gator Families,

The Gator Staff wants to invite you to our Virtual SWAMP Back to School Video! We are excited for the 2020-2021 school year and wish to welcome you into our school and classrooms! Come meet your teachers and staff in the SWAMP. 

(The video is best viewed in "Present" mode.)

August 19, 2020

Dear Gator Families,

This is an important update for the start of school calendar for SLHS. Please read this entire email for the start of school changes and an added opportunity for freshmen and new student orientations.

We have a change of plans for next week, August 24th- 28th. I apologize for any inconvenience these changes may cause. We need to make sure that everything is ready for our Gators to be safe.

Due to the amount of work still to be done for student schedules SLHS will delay the 1st day of classes until Wednesday, August 26th.

NEW Schedule for next week:

  • Monday and Tuesday 8/24 & 25- Orientations(see below)
  • Wednesday, August 26th - ALL SLHS students (A-Z) will attend ODD(1,3,5,7) Block Day classes remotely
  • Thursday, August 27th - ALL SLHS students(A-Z) will attend EVEN(2,4,6,8) Block Day classes remotely
  • Friday, August 28th will remain the asynchronous remote day for all students.
  • The week of August 31st – September 4th will remain remote only for all students(A-Z)
  • Hybrid schedules will begin September 8th.

Student class schedules will be done by noon on Tuesday, August 25th. Teachers will communicate instructions and logins to students on their rosters via their Google Classroom accounts on Tuesday.

Freshmen & New Student Orientations: Instead of classes for all students on Monday and Tuesday: On Monday, 8/24 we will host a Freshmen Orientation Day and on Tuesday 8/25 we will welcome our Grade 10-12 New students (and any Interested upper classmen) orientation.  1 hour orientation time slots will be available.  The orientation will include: health screening locations and protocols, Tour of the school, Life in the Swamp (basics on campus), Academics-classroom ins and outs, Norms-successful behaviors for remote learning, Gator Grounds tour. This orientation is for students only, sorry, no parents. 5 different time slots are available from 8:00 AM until 12:00 on both days. Sign up for the time that works best for you. Limit of 60 students per time slot to maintain safety. Siblings may sign up for the same day if needed. Freshmen who cannot make it on Monday can sign up for a Tuesday timeslot.


As this school year is evolving rapidly, I thank you for your flexibility and understanding.


Todd A. Rago

Principal- SLHS


July 31, 2020


Dear SLHS Students, Parents and Guardians,

I hope that this message finds you and your family safe and well. I am also hoping that everyone has had a chance to relax and enjoy the Colorado sunshine and the great outdoors. Please read this entire message for key information about how school will begin for both in-person hybrid and remote learning students. After numerous communications from the district and the steady flow of information from public health authorities, I know many parents and students are anxious about what school will look like and are awaiting more information about our schedule before making a final decision regarding learning options this coming year. Given the recent change to Remote Learning for the first two weeks of school (Aug 24- Sept. 4) for all students, and the switch to hybrid/remote options (starting September 8th), I will be sending out a new survey on Monday about your choice for Hybrid or Remote learning. WE need this information to be as accurate as possible to create student schedules. All families will need to submit a new selection form on Monday. This must be completed by Friday, August 7th.

I am happy to finally share our daily schedule for this year along with other general information, with hopes it will allow you to make the best decisions for your family.  I will also be sending a new survey out to you on Monday August 3rd, to make a selection regarding either 100% online learning or hybrid in-person learning. Jeffco is asking that your family please commit to one option for first semester, which means through December. This communication is intended to provide you with details so that your family can be informed about specifics for Standley Lake High School. Please know that this information may change depending on CDC guidelines, Jefferson County Public Health recommendations and/or Jefferson County Public Schools. 

Orientation will be held for all students during the week of August 31st. An orientation schedule and details will be sent by August 21st.

Standley Lake HS Draft Schedule:  80 minute classes

Time of Day

Mondays & Tuesdays

Wednesdays & Thursdays


7:45 - 9:05

(80 mins)

Block 1

Block 2

See details below

9:10 - 10:30

(80 mins)

Block 3

Block 4


10:35 – 11:55

(80 mins)

Block 5

Block 6


12:00 - 1:20

(80 mins)

Block 7

Block 8


1:20 - 1:45

Lunch (Grab and Go)

Lunch (Grab and Go)


2:00 - 3:15

Teacher Office hours/Intervention/ PLC and Planning time.

Teacher Office hours/Intervention/ PLC and Planning time.



Additional information:  Student Temperature Screening will begin at 7:20 am., Students will enter designated doors of the school (to be sent later in August).  After temperature screening, students will proceed directly to class. Students who eat breakfast at school should plan on arriving in time be screened and to eat prior to class. Regardless of your 1st class of the day, students should allow plenty of time for screening prior to class to avoid tardiness. Buses depart at 1:45. Student schedules will be released on August 19th at 3:00 p.m.

  • Fridays- All students will work remotely and login for attendance to all classes. Select students may be scheduled for interventions and extra help. Staff will also schedule office hours, have time for collaborative planning, PLC’s and professional development. 
  • Alphabetical assignments for the Hybrid option of In-person Attendance-Students will attend the same class for two consecutive days: once in-person and once remotely, each week.  Students whose last name begins with letters A – L will attend Odd-block classes at SLHS on Mondays and those same odd-block classes remotely (student will login to class from home) on Tuesdays. A – L will then attend Even-block classes at SLHS on Wednesdays and will attend those same classes remotely Thursdays. Conversely, students with last names beginning with letters M – Z will attend Odd-block classes remotely on Mondays and those same odd-block classes in-person on Tuesdays. M - Z will then attend Even-block classes remotely on Wednesdays and will attend those same classes in-person on Thursdays. Because only 50% of our students will be in the building, most class sizes will be around 15 students which allows for social distancing.
  • School Day Schedule - The CDC and Colorado Health Dept. suggest that staff and students have contact with no more than 4 groups of students per school day. Henceforth, Standley Lake will be on an alternating block schedule.  Students will alternate between Odd Number Block Days, (1, 3, 5, 7) on Mondays and Tuesday and Even Numbered Block Days on Wednesday and Thursdays (2, 4, 6, 8).
  • Off-blocks- students with an off-block will be assigned a designated room where social distancing can be maintained. Students can work on school work and have opportunities for additional help. Students will not be allowed to roam freely.
  • Lunch will be served at the end of the school day at 1:20. M-Th. Students who need a grab and go lunch will go to the cafeteria to pick-up their lunch and exit the building. Buses depart at 1:45.
  • Closed campus- students are not allowed to leave campus once they are at school. No food deliveries will be permitted.

Remote Learning – will be facilitated by a licensed teacher. Remote learning will be based on a more synchronous model, with some asynchronous elements. In other words, all remote classes will occur at specific times of the day. For example, math from 9:10 -10:30 AM daily. Teachers will be available regularly to teach a lesson and answer student questions and interact with students via the computer. Teachers will utilize Learning Managements Systems (LMS) conducive to both remote and in-person courses. Google Classroom is the LMS of choice for SLHS

Hybrid Learning/In-person learning –students will attend school 2 times a week, based on alphabetical order, during their regularly scheduled class time.  The learning will be in a synchronous model and will include many facets and systems that incorporate blended learning. Our team has consistently read information from CDC and the Colorado Health Department. In partnership with Jeffco and this knowledge, the following has been implemented at Standley Lake:

Please read through the following information that will be a part of our school start plan.

  • Mask wearing at all times that 6 feet of distance cannot be maintained. Masks are required!  This includes hallways, in classrooms when your student or another student has to come in close contact (less than 6 feet), and while riding the bus. Mask wearing is how we honor each other and protect each other. Jeffco is providing 1 mask per student. If families want to send their students with more than one mask please feel free to do so. Please note bandanas are not allowed as a face mask per Jeffco guidelines. Students who do not follow appropriate safety measures will be subject to discipline, including out of school suspension.
  • Daily Before School Symptom Screening – all staff and students will have their symptoms screened and temperature taken before they enter the school. We will use multiple entrances, which students are expected to use based on their designated assignment of the day. Lines for temperature taking will form outside of the doors. Students/families please plan now for bad weather and appropriate clothing because the screening line will take some time to complete. Families of students who do not pass the health screening will be contacted for prompt pick-up. The current temperature threshold is 100.4 degrees.
  • Student items - students must maintain their own personal items and school supplies in their backpack. All students will be required to wear their ID throughout the day-it must be visible at all times. Please send your students with a full water bottle each day. The guidance from CDC and Colorado Health Department suggest no lockers, hats, or use of drinking fountains except for refill stations. Therefore, we will not use lockers this school year. If your student needs specific accommodations to use a locker due to a diagnosed medical condition, please contact your student’s counselor.
  • Hallways – all hallways will be monitored to maintain 6 feet separation from students.  Hallways will be one directional in order to maintain the visible separation.  This information will be forthcoming as to which direction halls will flow.  During the first few days of school our staff will help practice transitioning between classes with your student. Masks are to be worn in hallways at all times.  We will also work to limit the number of students in the hallways at the same time. 
  • After school activities and clubs – CHSAA sponsored athletics/activities are able to operate (for now).
  • Transportation – please respond to the new survey on Monday to indicate if you intend to transport your student(s) or will use the school bus. Currently, 25 students are allowed on a bus. Prior to COVID-19, 60 students were allowed on each bus. Jeffco’s Transportation Department is working on routes and how to divide students to maintain the expectation of 25 or fewer per bus. If you have multiple students who live in your home and take the bus, they can sit together and count as one. Masks are expected on the bus at all times. Students who ride the bus will be medically screened by transportation personnel once they arrive at school.  After screening, students will be able to go to their designated entrance. 
  • Gator Time- will be incorporated into each teacher’s daily schedule. Office hours will be held after lunch and on Fridays.  Teachers can meet with each student sometime within the week to discuss grades and other issues.  This time will also allow the school to address grade level appropriate information, community-building, social-emotional health, and well-being, as well as how to re-acclimate to school and being a part of a learning community, etc. We believe this is important work that should be prioritized for our students.  This time is essential for meeting our Colorado Department of Education instructional minutes.
  • Large group gatherings – until further information is provided from CDC and Jeffco, we cannot have large gatherings such as concerts, assemblies, whole grade level meetings, etc. We look forward to a time when we can gather together as these opportunities build and create community until that time we will use remote options to gather.
  • Signage and Health Expectations – each classroom and bathroom will have multiple signs to serve as reminders about social distancing, appropriate and frequent hand washing, and mask wearing. Every classroom will have a large bottle of hand sanitizer. Students will be introduced to these expectations during the orientations the week of August 31.
  • School Facility Adaptations – our main office reception areas will have plexiglass installed at the counter to protect everyone.  At this time, we anticipate not allowing any visitors into our school.  This includes parents and guardians unless authorized by the principal or assistant principal.  We know that this is a major shift for families, but is mandated by our district and county health regulations. 
  • Guardian drop-offs/deliveries for students. We cannot deliver items or have students pick up items from the office.  No outside deliveries can be made to the school. This includes food.
  • Guardian/family pick-up – we are working on a system for guardians to pick up students for appointments, trips, family business, etc. This will be done through a phone call to the main office at this time.  We encourage you to minimize any early dismissals.
  • Cleaning procedures – all desks and chairs will be disinfected after each class.  All frequently touched common surfaces will be cleaned each day as well. Items that are difficult to clean, such as bean bag chairs, couches have been removed and stored. Bathrooms were cleaned daily prior to COVID-19 and will continue to be cleaned under these conditions.  Areas that are touched will also be sanitized if a different group of students is going to use the same space (if students go from one classroom to another). 
  • Face shields and masks for staff members Face shields may be necessary for specific content areas.  Masks will be worn in addition to shields.

We are Gator Strong and it is important to remember that we are a community. We must exercise an abundance of grace and understanding as we help one another during this continued crisis.  I am excited about the start of the school year, even in these challenging and unique times.  Things will look different this year but the traditions of Standley Lake will continue and we are excited to welcome students to our school whether in person or remotely. We have an opportunity to band together to keep our students and staff safe yet also build a great school.  Many of you have questions and I want to thank you for your patience and flexibility as we enter this year together. As you have done in the past, please continue to be patient as we determine exactly what this year will look like.

We have such an amazing community of students, staff, and families and I could not be more proud to be the principal of Standley Lake High School. As we determine more specifics, I will continue to communicate those to you via email. Our administrative team is here to help and support in any manner necessary.

Looking forward to seeing our students soon!


Todd Rago, Principal                                                                                                       303-982-3311

Joe Generose, Asst. Principal Grade 9; Athletic Director                                303-982-2828

Molly Jordan- Asst. Principal Grade 10; Activities Director                            303-982-0091

Julia Morgan- Asst. Principal Grade 11; Assessment & Curriculum               303-982-0128

Trip Sargent, Assistant Principal Grade 12; Scheduler                                      303-982-6325


Please refer to the Jeffco Restart page for the most up to date information and answers to your questions. I will be sending out the SLHS plan by the end of July. Please know that we will do all that we can to make the start of school as easy as possible for your and your student. All families will have the chance to change their preferences about in-school learning or remote learning through August.
Warm regards,

Todd A. Rago
Principal SLHS


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