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Can You Manage Your Life?

Teen Choices  (9 – 10)
Do what you think is right, Popularity will follow!
Learn to deal with the challenges and choices teenagers face; such as adjusting to high school, peer pressure, dating, communication, drugs, abstinence, Sexual Transmitted Diseases, and much more. A great chance to develop solid decision making skills. 
Relationships   (11 – 12)
The most important thing in life is to give and receive love!
Explore relationships, friendships, dating, marriages, and families. Discover how to maintain a healthy relationship and experience the joys and trails that relationships bring. 
Life Management   (11 – 12)
Why is there so much month left at the end of the pay check?
Can you manage your life outside of high school? Become a responsible citizen through real world situations that provide current information on housing, budgeting, banking, credit, insurance, taxes, food preparation, and consumerism. 
                                                        Get Cooking in the Swamp!
Introduction to Foods   (9 – 12) 
Experience food like never before through nutrition and learn the principles of cooking and preparing foods.  

Culinary Arts–Creative   (10 – 12) 
Cooking is more than just preparing meals it is entertaining and creating beautiful food through lab experiences in the following areas: breads, appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, cake decorating, candy making, event planning and much more 

Culinary Arts-Foreign   (10 – 12) 
Refine your culinary skills through exploring other regions of the world, their culture, history, food, and learning how those cultures influenced the food in the different regions of the U.S.  

ProStart   (11 – 12) 
Learn what it takes to be a successful chef by having fun through learning advanced cooking techniques and an appreciation of food. This School-to-Career program gives a taste for success through paid internships and earing college credit. 


                                                            Become a Design Star!

Fashion Design   (9 – 12) 
Fashion fades, style is eternal! 
Want to be a fashionista? Learn to create your own Gator Gear by applying your new knowledge of the principles and elements of design, use of color, and body type analysis. Grab the opportunity to draw your own designs and look into the history of the fashion industry. Construct your own clothing that is ready for the runway.  

Interior Design   (9 – 12) 
D.I.Y. is harder than it looks! 
Always wondered what your dream home would look like? Bring your dream home to life using the elements and principles of design. Create projects that will rival what you see on T.V. 
                                           Want to Impact Future Children's Lives?
Child Development   (10 – 12) 
Parenthood: not a job… an adventure! 
Learn how to positively influence a child development from conception through preschool. Students will have the opportunity of learning responsibilities of parenting by taking care of a Baby Think It Over™, an infant simulator, and take part in planning and participating in a preschool.
Teacher Cadet  (11 – 12) 
Teaching is the profession that teaches all other professions! 
Thought about a career in teaching? This is a fun passed, college level, yearlong course explores what it takes to be a teacher. Students will have the opportunity to student teach, explore the field of educations, and earn college credit. 

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